So, you’ve had your first laser tattoo removal session. What are you doing next? (We can already hear some of you shouting, “I’m going to Disneyland!”) Whether you are heading out on a trip or staying in the Denver area, there are a few things to consider to help your healing process. 

You will receive clear aftercare instructions from us during your visit, but you may still have a few questions. Or perhaps you like to plan everything down to the last detail and want to know about aftercare before your sessions even begin. Relax – your dos and don’ts will be pretty simple and involve common sense. 

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Your question may be a simple one. You just want to know if you can have a shower or not! Well, stay on this page; we can answer that for you. 

Yes, you can safely shower in the days after your session. You just have to pay attention to some simple rules:

  • Don’t shower in extremely hot water. Instead, stick to a moderate temperature. In addition, you may want to apply a cold compress or ice pack after your shower to keep your skin cool.
  • Don’t stand directly under a high-water pressure spray. You don’t want anything to cause your blisters (if you have any) to rub off before they are ready to fall away on their own. 
  • Speaking of that, don’t scrub vigorously in your treatment area while in the shower. Instead, treat it gently – and pat it dry afterward instead of attacking it briskly with a towel.
  • Don’t soak in either a hot tub or a bath. Also, avoid swimming for the first three days after your laser tattoo removal session. 
  • If you are accustomed to showering every day, have your daily shower before visiting us (we love clean clients!), and hold off on another shower until the next day. That’s not too bad, is it? We promise – you don’t have to forego hygiene at all as your skin heals.
  • We know you didn’t ask about drinking – but it’s water-related (so shower adjacent?), and we’ll remind you anyway: stay hydrated

In general, be kind to your skin – and to your entire body –  as you heal. You’re going to love the results.

Every person and every tattoo is different, so ask our experts!

When you’re ready to look into laser tattoo removal, it’s important to find a professional and expert technician you trust. Before committing to anything, you can come in for a free consultation here at Ink-B-Gone, the leading laser tattoo removers in Colorado. We are conveniently located in Denver, but many clients visit us from out of state.

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