Shelley Novello

Ink-B-Gone owner Shelley Novello


Shelly Novello's Experience & Credentials Include:

Certified Laser Technician: Shelley is certified as a Laser Technician, demonstrating her expertise in the operation and use of laser technology for tattoo removal.

Graduated from Rocky Mountain Laser College (2006): Shelley completed her education and training in laser technology at the Rocky Mountain Laser College in 2006, further establishing her knowledge in the field.

Supplemental Advanced Training: She has received additional advanced training from respected organizations, including Quanta Laser Systems and Cynosure, which indicates her commitment to staying updated on the latest advancements in laser tattoo removal technology.

Laser Safety Officer: Shelley holds the position of Laser Safety Officer, emphasizing her dedication to ensuring safe and responsible laser procedures in her practice.

Training Provider: Shelley provides advanced training for clinics not only in the United States but also in Canada. This role highlights her authority and expertise in the laser tattoo removal field and her contribution to the professional development of others in the industry.

Shelley Novello’s extensive training and experience in laser tattoo removal, along with her commitment to safety and professional development, make her a highly qualified and knowledgeable individual in the industry.