From pain reduction to hair removal, lasers are commonly used to make you look and feel better.  Lasers are especially useful for cosmetic procedures. Thanks to lasers, you can finally remove those old tattoos you regret or have grown out of!

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work? I Don’t Even Know Where to Start!

If you have the name of an ex or the work of an amateur tattoo artist from your skin, you may want to remove it. However, signing up for any medical procedure, even if it’s elective or outpatient, can be pretty intimidating. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you all about laser tattoo removal.

While laser tattoo removal doesn’t work on every tattoo, most tattoos can be successfully removed. We’ve provided over 28,000 clients with this service during our 16 years in operations, for a total of over 88,000 treatments. Our experience gives you the best chance of success with tattoo removal, which should give you some peace of mind.

Just like many tattoos require multiple sessions, laser tattoo removal process occurs over multiple appointments. You’ll start with a free 30-minute consult, where we’ll discuss the cost to remove your tattoo and provide an estimate about how many sessions you’ll need to complete the work. You can even get your first treatment during the consult appointment if it’s in person!

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Removing a tattoo isn’t like getting one. To remove the ink deposited in your skin by a needle, we use a laser that produces pulses of light. This energy heats the ink, breaking it into particles that your body will flush out. The process lightens your tattoo. Over time, it might not be visible at all.

Laser tattoo removal isn’t painless, but neither was getting your tattoo. Plus, a removal appointment is much shorter than a tattoo application session. Preparation, laser tattoo removal, and skin treatment may only take 10 minutes for a small tattoo! You can be in and out on your lunch break or work your appointment into a day filled with errands.

Although the laser doesn’t hurt your skin because it targets only the ink, your skin may look white after a laser tattoo removal session. This is a normal reaction that means your body has begun to heal. Your skin will soon return to its normal appearance.

You may also notice tingling or itching at the tattoo site. It’s not unlike having a sunburn. Another possible side effect of laser tattoo removal is blistering. These symptoms may be accompanied by swelling and redness which can last up to two weeks. Using an ice pack and avoiding sun exposure after your appointment can reduce these side effects of tattoo removal.

Two weeks after your tattoo removal appointment, any crusting or scabs that have formed will fall off while blisters will begin to peel. Let the process happen naturally. You cannot “help” it and may even damage your skin if you try.

Complete tattoo removal takes between six and ten appointments on average. These sessions happen over a period from 10 minutes to two years. However, it can take longer if you do not schedule regular laser sessions or your tattoo is especially difficult to remove.

Check Out Our Laser Tattoo Removal Before/After Photos

If laser tattoo removal sounds too good to be true, then you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, let your eyes see the difference. Our laser tattoo removal gallery shows just how impressive results from small tattoos to full sleeves. You can feel good about your decision to use our services and firmly answer the question, “Does laser tattoo removal work?”

After treating over 18,600 clients, we’ve become quite skilled at tattoo removal. That’s why you won’t see any of the telltale signs of tattoo removal gone wrong, including infections, scarring, and skin discoloration. The latter is most common in darker skin tones, so our technicians follow procedures so closely.

Aside from photos, you can read about the number of sessions, total cost, and timeline for each laser tattoo removal. Comparing pictures with your own ink gives you an idea of what you’re in for when removing a tattoo. You can also check out our pricing structure for laser tattoo removal. Price is based on size, so removing a smaller tattoo is typically more affordable than removing a large one.

This is an Important Decision–We are Here to Answer Any Questions You Have

For some people, getting a tattoo and choosing their artist was an easy decision, and deciding on laser tattoo removal will be, too, especially after they understand how it works. However, others find the tattoo removal process isn’t nearly as straightforward, perhaps because it’s less common.

That’s why we’re happy to answer any questions potential clients might have. It’s important to us that you understand how lasers can remove tattoos and what the process is like.  We’re happy to answer any questions this blog post hasn’t addressed or clarify the description above.

By doing this, we inspire confidence in our clients. After all, you want the person who removes your tattoo to be an experienced professional who is an expert in their field. But you can’t trust just anyone who offers tattoo removal. States like Colorado don’t require certification or licensing for laser tattoo removal. Even though we’re not required, we only hire certified technicians.

At Ink-B-Gone, we’re happy to provide you with a free consultation to prove that our services are right for your tattoo removal needs.

If you still need more time to consider your decision, feel free to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get a feel for our company, operations, and the effectiveness of our work.

Remember that you can come in for a free in-person consultation at any time. Schedule a consultation appointment today to get started. After successful tattoo removal, you might even choose Ink-B-Gone for other cosmetic procedures, including acne scar reduction, sun spot treatment, and face tightening, among others.