Tattoos are becoming more and more commonplace. More tattoos unfortunately mean more tattoo regrets. More tattoo regrets lead to more tattoo removals. Requests for tattoo removal services have increased by 32%, and that number continues to grow. There are lots of options advertised for tattoo removal, but laser tattoo removal is the best one out there. Before scheduling your appointment, it’s important to understand what tattoo removal aftercare looks like in 2024.

Take Care Before, During, and After

One of the first things we recommend to prospective clients is knowing exactly what to expect before, during, and after their laser removal experience. While many concentrate on what occurs during the procedure (the thought of being “shot with a laser” can be unnerving!), it’s important that you know exactly what aftercare should look like to make sure you are comfortable. 

Here are our best aftercare directions to ensure your skin heals properly.

Right After Treatment

You finished your first laser tattoo removal procedure. Well done! See, that wasn’t so bad. After leaving your appointment, here are the first aftercare steps to take:

  • Immediately after your treatment, it’s normal for your skin to show redness and a little swelling. 
  • Pinpoint bleeding may also be present and is nothing to worry about.
  • For your comfort in the hours after treatment, use a cool compress on the area to combat any discomfort as well as irritation to your skin. 
  • You may also take Tylenol as needed for discomfort. 

Keeping the Area Clean

  • During the healing process, it’s crucial to keep the area clean to avoid any kind of infection. However, vigorous cleaning is not necessary. 
  • Clean the area daily by simply running it under water or using the shower to let water rinse off the wound. After washing, pat the area dry, don’t rub it.
  • Apply Aquaphor or a similar ointment to the area 2-3 times a day to keep the area moist. 
  • Finally, when clean and covered and ointment, cover the treated area with a nonstick gauze pad until the area is completely healed.

Protect the Area

Your skin’s been through a lot during treatment, so protecting it as it heals is important. Protect your skin and avoid any kind of trauma to the area in the first week after treatment.

  • Avoid scratching or scrubbing the skin while it’s healing. When scabbing begins, avoid the temptation to pick at it. 
  • Blisters are a normal occurrence, but not commonly experienced. If you experience them, leave the area alone to heal, and don’t pick or pop the blisters.

What to Avoid

While you heal, certain activities should be avoided to ensure your skin is properly cared for. These include:

  • Swimming
  • Using hot tubs 
  • Exercise that causes excessive sweating
  • Sun exposure
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol

Call on the Experts

In 2024 and beyond, the laser tattoo removal industry is growing. You want to ensure that you are leaving yourself in the hands of the best in the industry so that you know you’ll receive the best care and the best outcome possible. At Ink-B-Gone, we’re dedicated to giving you the results you want and the aftercare support you need. Talk to one of our professionals today about your desired results, and we can help you every step of the way toward achieving them. Knowing what to expect about the healing process will prepare you for the best possible outcome from your laser tattoo removal procedure. Visit our website or check out our social pages to learn more about what we do.