The popularity of getting tattooed in recent years has increased. However, along with tattoo popularity, tattoo regret has also increased. Some people’s feelings may have shifted. It could be a job that does not allow conspicuous tattoos, or perhaps the artwork did not meet expectations.

Notably, modern tattoos aren’t as permanent as they used to be. Thus, tattoo removal is growing in prominence and popularity. However, it requires time, high-tech laser tools, and, of course—money.

The most recent innovation in tattoo removal is laser technology. While conventional tattoo removal procedures are still employed, laser tattoo removal has delivered better and more gratifying outcomes for people.

While you might be wondering whether laser tattoo removal is safe or effective, there is enough data to dispel your doubts. As a fact, people change, and so do their choices. In this light, seeking a laser tattoo removal service is a no-brainer.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

Do you regret having a tattoo but are concerned about the cost of laser tattoo removal?

The cost of laser tattoo removal is calculated from several factors: the ink’s quality and the tattoo’s application. Additionally, the depth of the ink, the size of the treatment area, the number of colors, and your skin condition.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the average cost per session is $463. However, this average cost is almost twice the average cost here at INK-B-GONE. You don’t have to put up with an unsatisfying tattoo.

Not only are Ink-B-Gone laser professionals among the best and most well trained in the cosmetic enhancement industry.

Additionally, we offer unmatched, pocket-friendly packages to walk the laser tattoo removal journey with you.

Factors Contributing to Tattoo Removal Cost

Lasers are the most effective method of tattoo removal. Although there are a variety of treatments available to assist you remove your tattoo, none of them guarantee scar-free tattoo removal.

In this scenario, lasers have shown to be quite efficient at removing temporary or permanent tattoos without leaving noticeable scars. Below are factors that influence tattoo removal costs:

Your Ink’s Color and Quality of Your Ink 

Very professional, costly tattoos use higher quality ink that can require more sessions. The color of your previous tattoo influences ease of removal. Which colors are the most straightforward and most challenging to get rid of?

Lighter colors, such as light blue and green, yellow, and orange, might be the most difficult to remove in some situations. It is simpler to remove black, brown, dark blue, and darker green.

Turquoise is the most difficult to remove, since most clinics lack lasers that can efficiently target it.

Since black tattoos absorb all wavelengths of the lasers utilized, they are easier to erase than colored tattoos. Tattoos of various hues sometimes necessitate using lasers of varying wavelengths, depending on what wavelength the pigment absorbs, making removal more difficult.

The Age of Your Tattoo

The color of a tattoo diminishes over time, making an older tattoo simpler to erase. As a tattoo ages, the body breaks down the ink; your body has already started the process on its own! A fresh tattoo will often be bolder and brighter, requiring more sessions to break up the pigment. It has an impact on the cost of laser tattoo removal.

Furthermore, the strength of your particular immune system determines how rapidly your tattoo fades after laser tattoo removal begins, and hence your tattoo removal cost. A more robust immune system often removes ink from the skin faster following treatments, which may affect the overall cost of your treatments.

The Size of Your Tattoo

The tattoo’s size is factored into Ink-B-Gone‘s price formula. We can erase tattoos of any size. However, the length of time spent under the laser rises with tattoo size. Tattoo removal price is also affected by tattoo size, since larger tattoos require more time to remove. However, many price systems are dependent on your tattoo’s overall length—how much surface area it covers.

Your Skin Type

Tattoos are generally simpler to remove from lighter skin. If you are fair and have a dark or black tattoo, you may usually expect to pay less for removal. However, skin color does not affect how cost-effective or simple the total therapy will be. Other variables, such as scarring, also play a role. Seek professional assistance for a thorough evaluation.

The Number of Procedures

It stands to reason that the more sessions required to remove the tattoo, the more you will end up paying in the long run. But, of course, the number of sessions will vary with all other factors.

This varies based on the color of the tattoo and the complexity of the design. We employ Laser Technology at Ink-B-Gone to adequately address and eliminate all of the distinct colors on your tattoo, expediting the procedure.

Key Points to Keep An Eye On

Depending on the number of sessions required, purchasing a package rather than paying for each session can occasionally minimize the overall cost of tattoo removal. Note the following when deciding the tattoo removal cost.

  • Pricing transparency
    • Different centers have different pricing structures.
    • Look for ones that have free consultations and are transparent with you about what the complete removal will cost you.
  • Deals and discounts!
    • Sign up for an email or check their website to look out for package deals and specials.
    • Ink-B-Gone offers a 10% discount for military personnel, law enforcement officers, fire protection employees, and minors.
    • We also remove breast cancer radiation tattoos for free.

Top Quality, Best Priced Laser Tattoo Removal Services

As we’ve said, prices vary but based on all of these factors; you should get a good idea of how much your laser tattoo removal will cost. Ink-B-Gone is ready to help if you have a tattoo that no longer matches your lifestyle, philosophy, or job. There’s no reason you shouldn’t take control of your beauty now.

If you live in Colorado, look at Ink-B-Gone pricing. Scheduling a consultation is the best method to acquire an accurate price. We are a family-owned Colorado company that enjoys meeting new individuals. Make an appointment today.

Best wishes on your ink removal endeavor!