Whenever you’re having a procedure of any kind for the first time, it’s natural to be nervous and have questions about side effects. One common question we get from potential clients is: Can laser tattoo removal cause nerve damage? This simple answer is ‘no.” But read on for a brief explanation of why not to put your mind at ease.

What Do Nerves Do?

A lot of clients ask about possible effects on nerves for a couple of reasons: Nerves are all over your body. So wherever your removal procedure is located, you will encounter them. Nerves are crucial to body functions, and therefore potential damage can be frightening.

Nerves are your body’s electrical system and send signals to the brain that help your sense of touch and tell your body to do something like move muscles or digest food. Damage to nerves can encompass anything from nerve pain to loss of fine motor skills.

What About the Tattoo?

If you’re curious about laser tattoo removal, it’s pretty safe to assume that you have a tattoo, and possibly one you aren’t thrilled about. The process of getting a tattoo involves injecting ink into the dermis, a layer of the skin. The needles used by a tattoo artist penetrate the skin to place the ink low enough that it doesn’t disappear with natural skin shedding. 

When you receive a tattoo from an experienced tattoo artist, they have the knowledge and skill to know exactly how hard to press on the skin to get the tattoo in the correct location for the best look and to protect your skin and nerves. When tattoos are placed on areas with thinner skin such as the hands, feet, neck, and ribs, they tend to be much more painful because the needle is penetrating much closer to the nerve endings. This is why it is so important to trust a skilled artist with your tattoo because if they were to press down too hard, they can reach those nerve endings and cause pain, damage, and a less-than-ideal tattoo appearance.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Unlike the process of receiving a tattoo, removing a tattoo does not penetrate the upper layer of the skin.

The ink particles from your tattoo are inside the dermis which is the part where your hair follicles, sweat glands, and, yes, nerve endings live. However, the laser used in removal is specially designed to only attack the ink particles by breaking them up and allowing white blood cells to carry them to the liver. The laser doesn’t heat up the skin or damage any of the components under the skin. At no time during the procedure does the laser come into contact with important nerve endings and therefore will not damage them. 

The Experts Have the Answers

The most important aspect of ensuring that your laser tattoo removal process will be safe and successful is leaving it to the professionals. This isn’t something to attempt in your cousin’s garage! Your skin is sensitive and your nervous system is delicate. The experts at Ink-B-Gone have decades of experience in tattoo removal so you know your well-being is in good hands.

Still nervous about possible side effects of laser tattoo removal? Contact one of our professionals to ask all the questions you need in order to feel good about your decision to undergo the procedure. Visit our website to read more about us and what to expect from your procedure or connect with us on social media.

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