While some put a lot of thought into getting a tattoo, there are plenty of others who don’t. Unfortunately, hasty tattoo decisions can lead to regret. In fact, there’s a survey that shows that of the 600 respondents, 78% of them regret getting at least one of their tattoos. 

Luckily, getting a tattoo no longer has to be a permanent decision. With advances in technology, tattoo removal is now easier than ever. 

Still, even with laser tattoo removal being an option, many are hesitant to undergo the procedure. Why?

Well, there are many reasons why someone might be worried or scared about getting their tattoo removed, but one of the main reasons tends to be the safety concern. While this is a valid concern, innovations in laser tattoo removal have come a long way. 

So, is PicoWay laser safe? Let’s dive in to find out. 

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

First, before getting into the safety and effectiveness of laser tattoo removal, it’s helpful to understand how laser tattoo removal works. 

Laser tattoo removal is a process that uses a handheld device that emits laser pulses onto the skin to break down tattoo ink particles. The light from the laser is absorbed by the ink particles, which causes them to break down into smaller fragments. The body then treats these fragments like foreign substances and goes into action to remove them through the lymphatic system. 

The PicoWay Laser Difference

While laser tattoo removal is considered one of the best and safest ways to remove a tattoo, the technology we have today is more advanced than it once was. Previously, laser tattoo devices were not as powerful, meaning the laser pulses were not as fast. Slower laser pulses meant a photothermal effect. In other words, the heat from the laser could burn the skin, which could cause increased discomfort. 

Older laser systems also weren’t as effective. They often only relied on one wavelength of light, which was not as effective at breaking up different color tattoo particles. This meant patients would have to undergo numerous sessions, which could be painful and take longer from which to heal.

However, as technology has improved, so has laser tattoo removal. Today, the PicoWay laser system is one of the safest and most effective on the market. 

Unlike older laser devices, the PicoWay system uses high-power ultra-short pulses that are delivered in a trillionth of a second. This means that it provides a photoacoustic effect rather than a photothermal effect. 

Because the pulses of the PicoWay laser are so fast and powerful, they don’t heat the skin. Instead, they work below the surface of the skin to break up the ink pigments, which leaves the outer layer of the skin intact and unharmed. 

Furthermore, the PicoWay laser uses dual wavelengths, meaning it can treat multicolor tattoos more effectively. This newer laser technology is also safer for a wider range of skin types, such as dark skin, which would previously have developed dark or light spots due to the absorption of too much energy. 

Is PicoWay Laser Safe?

So, is the PicoWay laser safe? Yes.

Every procedure comes with risks, and everyone’s body and how it reacts to certain treatments is different. Still, the PicoWay laser has been used in numerous clinical trials and is considered one of the safest laser tattoo removal systems available today. 

1. FDA Approved

Syneron Candela’s PicoWay device was first granted clearance by the FDA for tattoo removal in 2014. After receiving clearance, the performance of the PicoWay system was further evaluated, which showed the majority of those tested achieving at least 50% tattoo clearance after only three treatments. Furthermore, the treatments also presented a favorable safety profile with no signs of adverse events and low levels of pain. Today, the PicoWay laser system now has the broadest range of FDA clearances for any picosecond laser.  

2. Non-Invasive

Unlike traditional laser tattoo removal devices, the PicoWay laser leaves the skin surrounding the tattoo being removed unharmed. Because the laser pulses are delivered so quickly, there is no time for the skin to be heated and damaged. Instead, the laser works under the skin to break up the ink particles so the body’s immune system can carry them away. 

3. Quick and Effective

Depending on the size of the tattoo, PicoWay laser treatment sessions can last anywhere from five to 20 minutes, which is relatively fast. Some patients will start seeing significant results with only one session. And overall, the PicoWay system only requires 6 to 8 treatments on average over a 5 to 6-month period, which is much shorter than the traditional 12 to 18-month period. 

4. Gentler Than Other Laser Treatments

Any laser tattoo removal treatment is going to be accompanied by some level of discomfort. However, because the pulses of the PicoWay laser system are much faster and work more quickly, there is less pain and less downtime during recovery. Most people say the laser pulses feel similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin, which is much more tolerable than the pain experienced by older laser systems. 

PicoWay Tattoo Removal with Ink-B-Gone

Every person and every tattoo is different — so ask our experts if PicoWay tattoo removal is right for you.

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