Not to sound too much like your old English teacher, but there is a world of difference between “Can I…,” “May I…,” and “Should I…” when it comes to getting laser tattoo removal while pregnant. Technically, you can, but that’s only if you find somewhere willing to do that service for you. That’s not us. At Ink-B-Gone, we don’t do laser tattoo removal on clients who are expecting. We also recommend waiting three months after finishing breastfeeding before planning sessions. Furthermore, we aren’t alone in this. We don’t know of other tattoo removal businesses that don’t recommend the same. 

We err on the side of caution

To be honest (we are always honest!), there is a lack of research about the effects of laser tattoo removal on pregnant women. You shouldn’t worry or be upset if you have already been to a session or two without knowing that you were pregnant. There have been no reported cases of harm to a baby or mother as a result of this. 

Just pause the process now. You can finish removing your tattoo at Ink-B-Gone when the time is right; taking a break will not make the process any less effective. It will just take longer. (Maybe you could add the Carly Simon song, “Anticipation” to a Spotify playlist – it couldn’t hurt, and might even help with feelings of impatience!)

Consult with your doctor first, but you should be able to continue with your sessions after the baby is born and you have finished breastfeeding.

Since we don’t have sufficient research in hand, why take a risk? During pregnancy, you probably want to take every precaution you can. Ink-B-Gone cares about you, your baby, and your peace of mind. There are several considerations to think about if you are interested in laser tattoo removal and are pregnant or become pregnant during the process.

  1. While you are pregnant, your skin is more sensitive. This is a result of those lovely pregnancy hormones. It means you may develop itching, stinging, swelling, or even burning sensations. You may react to certain skin care products that didn’t affect you before, or you may experience flare-ups of preexisting skin conditions, like eczema. 

Laser tattoo removal can also irritate your skin. The process involves light pulses that target particles of ink in your tattoo. The particles disintegrate and are then flushed from your body. Although the pulses are made of light energy (as opposed to thermal energy), they do heat up the skin. You may develop blisters, which is one way that the body forms a protective layer while your skin heals. Since your skin is already experiencing increased sensitivity, it makes no sense to add laser tattoo removal to the mix. 

  1. Although the risk of infection after laser tattoo removal is extremely low, it is present. If blisters are popped or scratched (which you should never do, by the way), there is a small chance of infection. That is the last thing you want to deal with while you are carrying your child.
  2. One of the ways to ensure a healthy healing process in between tattoo removal sessions is to take care of your immune system. Eating healthy foods and getting lots of sleep are vital steps in promoting a strong immune system. Pregnancy can sometimes be disruptive to those healthy behaviors, though. Nausea and food aversions (not to mention cravings) can affect your nutritious diet. Also, expectant mothers tend to have disrupted sleep patterns which decrease the amount of deep sleep they get.
  3. Now we are back to mentioning “the great unknown” as a reason. We know that you want to get rid of that old tattoo. Maybe you don’t want your new baby to see the name of your ex! Trust us, you will have plenty of time to erase the past before your child is old enough to notice your unwanted tattoos. Furthermore, your child will love and accept you as you are – babies don’t judge. (Teenagers do, though, so don’t wait too long!) The point is, there is no reason to take an unnecessary risk when we simply don’t have enough information about this. 

The best way to know is to ask!

When you’re ready to look into laser tattoo removal, it’s important to find a professional and expert technician you trust. Before you commit to anything, you can come in for a free consultation here at Ink-B-Gone, the leading laser tattoo removers in Colorado. Even if you are pregnant now, we will gladly answer your questions so that you feel confident about the next steps down the road – when the time is right. We will be completely transparent with you every step of the way. 

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