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Ink-B-Gone client Before After laser tattoo removal from Ink-B-Gone


  • Full sleeve 
  • Four layers of ink 1-5 years old 
  • Black, red, and orange ink 
  • Professionally done



  • 3 years from first treatment to final results

“Shelley and her staff did such a great job removing my entire sleeve! I never thought it could be done, but there is absolutely nothing left. My young daughters will never know their dad once had an arm covered with skulls, flames, and a bunch of junk. The work they do is outstanding and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”

Client before Ink-B-Gone laser tattoo removal Client after Ink-B-Gone laser tattoo removal


  • 5 square inches 
  • 8 years old 
  • Black ink 
  • Professionally done 
  • Wanted tattoo lightened for coverup


  • $250 per treatment 
  • 4 treatments 
  • Total cost = $1,000


  • 14 months from first treatment to final results 
Client after laser tattoo removal with Ink-B-Gone


  • 1.5 square inches 
  • 6 years old 
  • Light purple and black ink
  • Professionally done


  • $75 per treatment 
  • 10 treatments 
  • Total cost = $750


  • 20 months from first treatment to final results

Ink-B-Gone clients travel from around the country to see us. Why? Because we tell it like it is and we’re great at what we do. The proof is in our photos.

All of our before and after photos are taken by Ink-B-Gone certified laser technicians at our facility. Many laser manufacturers provide stock photos when you purchase a laser from them—we don’t use those. Told ya we’re honest. 

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