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Leading Colorado in Laser Tattoo Removal Since 2006

Ink-B-Gone owner Shelley Novello with her family

All four of Shelley’s kids have tattoos. She’s even removed pieces from two of them.  

Owner Shelley Novello’s interest in laser tattoo removal started by way of her daughter. When she was 17, Shelley’s daughter got tattoos on her forearms. Shelley was convinced her professional career was over before it had even begun and started doing research on tattoo removal. That’s when she saw the need for quality laser tattoo removal in Denver. One year later, Shelley was trained and certified and Ink-B-Gone opened its doors.

In Shelley’s 13 years in business, she and her staff have successfully treated over 18,634 clients with every color, size, age, and location of tattoo out there. And don’t get it twisted: even Shelley’s 19,000th client is treated as an individual. She recommends a specific treatment plan based on your unique needs, pulling from her decade plus of experience.

Under Shelley’s management, Ink-B-Gone lives by a code of transparency. We’ll tell you exactly what results we expect from your treatment plan. If we don’t think we can successfully remove your ink, you better believe we’ll tell ya.

We’re experienced, professional, and honest with our clients—you won’t find better laser tattoo removal this side of the Rockies.

By the way, all four of Shelley’s kids have tattoos. And her daughter still has her forearm ink.

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About Owner Shelley Novello: the short version

  • Certified Laser Technician 
  • Graduated from Rocky Mountain Laser College in 2006 
  • Supplemental advanced training from Quanta Laser Systems and Cynosure 
  • Laser Safety Officer 
  • Provides advanced training for clinics in the US and Canada
Ink-B-Gone owner Shelley Novello
Ink-B-Gone laser tattoo removal business card

Medical Director

Every laser tattoo removal clinic has a medical director making sure everything’s kosher. Ours is Dr. Dennis Kotelko, M.D. He’s served as Medical Director at Rocky Mountain Laser Clinic and has been overseeing laser tattoo in the region for over 17 years.

To be clear, he won’t be performing your treatment—our certified laser technicians operate under his license, meaning he’s behind the scenes defining our medical protocol.

Ink-B-Gone is committed to serving our community.

We remove breast cancer radiation tattoos for free. Each session takes about 2 minutes and most tattoos require 3 treatments to remove.

We offer military personnel, law enforcement officers, and fire protection employees a 10% discount.

Minors get a 10% discount as well.

Image of Ink-B-Gone laser for tattoo removal

Our Laser Technology

In the 13 years Ink-B-Gone has been treating tattoos, we’ve used five lasers and have watched the results closely. We update to new technology when it’s truly best for our clients regardless of what laser is getting media attention.

Right now we have two lasers on deck that are leading the way in tattoo removal and beauty treatment technology: the Quanta EVO and the PicoWay.

The Quanta EVO Laser is used exclusively for tattoo removal. It’s ideal for removing black, red, brown, yellow, purple, green, and blue ink. With the addition of the PicoWay Laser, we can now remove an even wider range of ink colors from just about every skin tone out there.

Along with tattoo removal, we use the PicoWay for all of our beauty treatments: wrinkle reduction, sun and age spot reduction, melasma treatment, acne scar reduction, skin tightening, and skin rejuvenation.

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