About Us

The Company

SONY DSCINK-B-GONE was founded in 2006 by Shelley Novello, a local suburbanite and mother of 4 teens, who realized there is an undeniable need for affordable tattoo removal services now and in the future. Our business concept is simple….remove tattoos at affordable rates, utilizing the best laser equipment and certified laser technicians available. We do not perform any other types of aesthetic laser treatments. We believe that by focusing on tattoo removal exclusively, we have become the premier laser tattoo removal center in the Front Range and surrounding areas.

The Laser Technology…
Newer is NOT always better!

Quanta Q PlusAt INK-B-GONE we have recently transitioned from the Medlite C6 to the Q-Plus C, the most recent release in the Quanta series of tattoo removal lasers.  It is an ND Yag AND a Ruby all in one box!  It is extremely effective on those pesky blues, greens, and purples…and does a great job on the easier blacks and reds.  We have combined the best technology with the most experienced tattoo removal professionals to deliver fantastic scar-free results!


Our Staff