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Named BEST TATTOO REMOVAL 2008 by KMGH Viewers on the A-List



We receive comments and testimonials from our satisfied clients all the time and thought we’d share a few….

“I couldn’t be happier with INK-B-GONE. Previously I was seeing a plastic surgeon for my tattoo removal. After 3 sessions I was extremely disappointed with my progress and decided to give INK-B-GONE a try. Not only were you fast, efficient, knowledgable, and far more cost-effective than the plastic surgeon, after only 2 treatments my tattoo was almost completely gone.”

– Sean, Real Estate Broker, Broomfield, CO.



“What a breath of fresh air! I had consultations at three other laser centers in the Denver area prior to visiting INK-B-GONE, and thank goodness I saved the best for last. I appreciated your frankness and honesty about the process and was pleasantly surprised to learn I DON’T need to purchase over $250 in expensive creams! You are upfront about your pricing on the website and there wasn’t some ‘gimmick’ pricing once I was in the door. In fact, the price for my removal was less than I expected, and was about 1/2 of what the other places were charging. Your staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and made me feel welcome and at ease. I will send all of my friends and acquaintances to you.”

– David, Consultant, Denver, CO.



“After going thru the removal process myself with INK-B-GONE, I’ll send all of my customers to you who need tat lightening for a quality cover-up. Your knowledge of the tattoo application process is apparent, which is important when clearing an existing tattoo. My customers come back to me after a few sessions at INK-B-GONE and their treated area looks and feels like undamaged skin, and they still have money left in their pocket for my services!”

– Jason, Tattoo Artist and Studio Owner, Aurora, CO.



“I had road tattooing (traumatic tattoo) from a bike accident which left road debris under my skin. After seeing plastic surgeons who either wanted to cut out the sections, or charge very high amounts for laser removal, I cam to Ink-B-Gone. I was skeptical because of the low prices but when I went in for the free consultation, I found they were just as professional and used the same equipment. I was extremely happy with the results as soon as I looked in teh mirror. Thank you for offering your services at an affordable price. I would recommend Ink-B-Gone to anyone.”

– Steven, Road Cyclist, Denver, CO.


“I have been contemplating tattoo removal for years but the cost was too expensive. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came in for my consultation, but the minute I walked thru the door I knew I made the right choice. The friendliness of the front desk staff, ambience, and “chilled-out” urban music and decor put me at ease. The consultation was way more informative than I had at two other places, and the laser tech most definitely knew her stuff! The price per treatment was much less than I thought it would be (you really do measure only solid inches of ink!) I will refer all of my inked friends.”

– Jen, Attorney, Longmont, CO.



“Thank you for opening a business that is dedicated to laser tattoo removal for people from all walks of life. I recently scheduled a consultation at one of the laser centers in Cherry Creek and felt out of place when I walked in the door. You and your staff made me feel comfortable and welcome, and the whole experience was much better than I had hoped.”

– Brent, Owner Landscaping Company, Arvada, CO.



“Thank you for helping us change the lives of youth! Your time and services are greatly appreciated!”

– Jessica, Coordinator Right of Passage Youth Center, Watkins, CO.