Ink-B-Gone Works with Tulsa’s Laser Tattoo Removal Experts

I recently expanded our tattoo removal services to include advanced laser tattoo removal training and business consulting for folks wanting to dive into this career.  I spent last weekend in Tulsa with Lori and Donnie Barnes, the owners of Tulsa’s first dedicated laser tattoo removal center….Tat-toodaloo.  The Barnes have spent the past 3 months training/interning with us and we are thrilled to see them hit the ground running!

They were smart and chose the new Q-Plus C tattoo removal laser as their ‘tool of choice’, meaning they will have success in removing all colors of ink.   Both Donnie and Lori have had  removal sessions at another place in Tulsa that produced very disappointing results.  Their experience there spawned their idea of opening a dedicated PROFESSIONAL laser tattoo removal clinic, offering a clean and friendly environment while utilizing the best possible equipment on the market today.

Best of luck to Lori and Donnie!



Shelley Novello