Why I chose the Quanta Q Plus C Laser

Quanta Q PlusWhen I decided to open a laser tattoo removal clinic in early 2006, I spent weeks scrutinizing the various Q-Switched YAG lasers that were available at the time. There weren’t any on the market that could easily clear blue/green/purple ink. I chose the best at that time and over the years there were upgrades made to it that would allow better clearance of the blue-based inks….but still not a great option.

In the past 7 years, I’ve had 5+ ‘Demo’ lasers in our office from various laser manufacturers that we put thru their paces, anticipating some superb results on the difficult colors. We weren’t impressed with any of them. have had such great success removing most tattoos to 99.5% ink clearance with no tissue ablation or scarring (which is always our ultimate goal)…there wasn’t an option on the market that would allow the same great results that we’ve delivered AND effectively cleared blue-based ink. Until now…

I am so thrilled to have the new Quanta Q Plus C in our office! I thought it was probably too good to be true, but after spending months using it and seeing the great results, I’m convinced this is the best option we’ve seen on the market in the past 8 years. In fact, I was planning to hold onto our other laser as a ‘back-up’ just in case this wasn’t what we were expecting, but after using it for only a few weeks, I’ve retired it permanently.

When word got out that Ink-B-Gone was shopping around for a new tattoo removal laser, there were quite a few companies that came to us with their best options. There is a new pico-second laser that has been getting a lot of media attention lately…but after seeing a handful of tattoos that had been treated with that laser, we realized the results were no better than the results of the Q Plus C, and the pico-second laser doesn’t work on red or orange ink. The cost was more than double the cost of the Q Plus C, which means we would have to pass that cost on to the client. NOT an attractive option for us.

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Shelley Novello