Complimentary Breast Cancer Survivor Radiation Tattoo Removal

breast cancer ribbon

Ink-B-Gone, the Colorado leader in laser tattoo removal, is proud to announce a new program to help breast cancer survivors by offering complimentary radiation tattoo removal. Many post-chemo patients go on to radiation therapy where the radiation technicians tattoo small marks where the radiation will be administered at each visit. These tattoos are applied similarly as a real tattoo, meaning the ink is permanently imbedded in the skin. The number of tattoos on a patient can range from one to several, each the size of a freckle. It is difficult to imagine such a small mark can leave such a huge impact on the daily life of a survivor, a constant reminder that continues to haunt these women each time they exit the shower or get dressed.

Although our appointment books are quite full, we have blocked-out three hours per week at both facilities, dedicating this time to perform complimentary treatments for breast cancer survivors. Most treatments take only a few minutes, and complete removal can be accomplished in as few as two sessions.

If you are one of the many women in the Front Range region interested in this complimentary service, please contact one of our offices for further information.