Training & Consulting

We’ve built a successful PROFITABLE laser tattoo removal business over the past 7 years by trial and error. You can save yourself loads of time, energy, and MONEY by utilizing our proven model. We’ve provided tattoo removal services to over 9,500 clients and completed 40,000+ treatments. Shelley and Simone also provide in-depth advanced laser tattoo removal training to clinic owners, laser specialists, and physicians…either at our facility or we will travel to yours. There is an art to clearing even the most ‘difficult’ tattoos and we can teach you how.



Opening a new laser tattoo removal business

Project Planning pre-opening thru 1st year

· Choosing a location (yes…it matters!)

· Choosing a laser

· Insurance/Medical Director duties/client forms/front and back office

· IT/Telecom requirements

· On-site at Ink-B-Gone for ‘Hands-on’ training

· In-Depth tattoo removal training (we’ve got 7+ years of outstanding scar-free results)

· Phone and email support

· Hands-on pre/post-opening assistance at your location

· Marketing/Advertising Plan and materials

· Pricing specific to your market

· Fine-Tuning your existing tattoo removal business

· Dig into your numbers and determine what needs to be ‘tweaked’

· Assess client demographics and alter/update advertising and marketing

· ‘Outside the box’ marketing options

· Address tattoo removal treatment concerns/results

· Difficult colors/slow-moving ink/contra-indications/black-light ink/metallic ink/cosmetic ink

· Setting client expectations

· Turning away clients

· Laser efficiency

· Etc.


Please contact Shelley directly or (303)777-5795 to discuss training needs, which can include all or some of the above…or whatever you might need to make your business successful.